About us

urlcc Short URL is a free URL shortening service. Short URL service without relay advertisement. And provide API for free to those who need it.

  • All services on this site are free. There is no guarantee for the content of the short URL, please judge the correctness and legality by yourself. And will delete unsafe URLs in accordance with the requirements of the Internet service provider.

  • This site will automatically delete the domain invalid or 404 link.
  • Safeguard the user's website.
    The website will not automatically delete the URL unless the following three situations are met Websites will only be deleted if they are reported as violations by Internet service providers such as Google, Amazon, etc. User URL link not working URL-related expedient request removal
  • Contact us. If you encounter illegal website reports, please contact the customer service mailbox [email protected].
  • Website failure, short URL invalid query, please contact FB online customer service or MAIL to [email protected]


urlcc is still operated by a small team, and sometimes it is not possible to respond to the customer service letter you responded to. Please bear with me and forgive me. We will uphold the most sincere attitude and do our best to reply as quickly as possible. Thank you and welcome your criticism and advice. .


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